How to View and Download Account Balance Statement

1. Welcome HDFC Bank Home Page

Click on to Visit HDFC Bank website. HDFC Bank is India‚Äôs second-largest private sector lender by assets.

2. Click on Login Button

Click 'Login' button to log on to the HDFC Netbanking.

3. Continue to Netbanking

Click on 'Continue to Netbanking' button.

4. Login your Account

Login to your internet banking account to experience easy and convenient internet banking. Enter your User ID and password and click 'Login' button to access your account. 

5. Account Summary

This Tour will walkthrough all your Savings and Current accounts you hold with the bank and key elements on Account Summary.

6. Account Number

Clicking on Account number will take you to respective account details page.

7. View Account Balance

For checking balance for different accounts, select the account number from the list and click on 'View' button.

8. Mini Statement

To view Mini Statement for the respective account, click on the 'View' button.

9. Select Another Account/ Period

You can also view statement for another account / period by clicking on the link "Select Another Account / Period" .

Transactions for the current and previous month can only be viewed / downloaded through this option. 

10. Download Historical Statement

To download statement prior to one month please use the 'Download Historical Statement ' option from the left menu under "Enquire" group.

11. Account Statement

You can also place a request for "Account Statement" to be delivered to your mailing address, using Account Statement option in the left menu under "Request" group. 

12. Request for Account Statement

Select all the required data in the field and then, click on 'Continue' button. 

13. Confirmation Page

Once you have viewed your details on screen and verified, then click on 'Confirm' button for confirmation.